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The DMX Master is a comprehensive lighting controller for up to 12 scanners with a maximum of 16 DMX addresses per scanner. 240 programmable scenes are available in 30 banks and 6 complete chase programs, the control unit has a speed control option and can also be set to audio synch operation. Full pan/tilt, black out, fade controls and 8 faders give maximum DMX capabilities. Midi interface, LCD display black-out and master control are also part of the vast array of functions that make this an excellent professional choice for a DMX lightshow.


192 DMX channels
Banks each composed of 8 programmable scenes
8 Faders to control the DMX levels
Built-in microphone for audio triggers
4 Digit LCD display
Black-out and master controlled manually or by MIDI
Chase programming and chase controlled manually or by MIDI
Power input: DC 9V-12V by adaptor (included)


Power supply: DC 9V-12V by adaptor (included)
Dimensions: 482 x 132 x 72
Weight: 2.0kgs

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