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American DJ Mister Kool II Low Fog Machine (B-Stock)

The American DJ Mister Kool II is the new and improved version of the Mister Kool low fog machine. Mister

Denon DJ SC Live 2 (ex-demo)

Following on from the infamous Denon DJ Prime 2 . Meet the Denon DJ SC Live 2 deck standalone DJ

Equinox SpectraPix Batten (b-stock)

wide 120° viewing angle and feature a milky, frost effect front screen along with clear front screen to further expand

FBT Subline 112sa Active Subwoofer (ex demo)

The SubLine 112SA is a tiny compact ACTIVE sub weighing just 23Kg. Yet delivers amazing punch. The built in amplifier

FBT Ventis 206A (ex demo)

Ventis 206A is part of the Ventis range which are ideal for portable performance or fixed installation. This Active speaker

Gemini XGA-2000 Power Amplifier (Opened Box)

The XGA-2000 amplifier offers clean, reliable power in a durable, lightweight enclosure. If you demand professional amplification performance, the XGA-2000

Kinsman KPA500 Compact Tower PA system (ex demo)

Powerful, premium quality sound The Kinsman KPA500, 240 watt Compact Tower PA system is totally self-sufficient, ideal for parties, social

Reloop Groove Blaster BT (ex demo)

The Reloop Groove Blaster BT is a portable 100W loudspeaker with high sound pressure level (SPL) and massive bass performance.

Yamaha HS8 Active Reference Monitor Speaker (B-Stock)

Ever since the 1970’s the iconic white woofer and signature sound of Yamaha’s nearfield reference monitors have become a genuine