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Compact format live mixing console with mic/line inputs (jack/XLR) and a stereo line channel which can be fed from an internal USB/SD audio player. Mic/line channels have individual inserts and all channels have 3-band EQ, Aux and Effect controls. Phantom power of +48V is switchable to the XLR inputs for condenser microphones. Applications range from sub-mixing to main live PA console.

A fantastic idea from Citronic giving you access to play music from SD or USB from the back of the mixer for backing tracks or main sound then plug your mics in to any channel and your away


■Compact, accessible design
■Channel inserts for Mic/line inputs
■Switchable +48V phantom power
■3-band EQ for each channel
■Internal delay effect (or FX loop)
■Integral USB/SD player
■Rack-mount ears supplied with CM8 and CM10 models


Power supply 12Vac 1000mA (included)
Phantom power Switchable +48V (XLR inputs)
Frequency response: Inputs 20Hz - 20kHz
Stereo input 6.3mm jack/RCA (-8 to +15dB / +13 to +60 parallel)
SNR: Mic inputs 120dB E.I.N.
SNR: Line inputs 95dB E.I.N.
SNR: Stereo input 96dB E.I.N. (or 104dB E.I.N. in parallel)
EQ: High 10kHz, ±15dB
EQ: Mid 700Hz, ±15dB
EQ: Low 50Hz, ±15dB
Outputs: Main (L+R) 6.3mm jack (+28dBu balanced / +22dBu unbalanced)
Aux send, Effects send, Tape out unbalanced 6.3mm jack (+22dBu) Phones output +15dBu stereo 6.3mm jack