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    QTFX-B3 Mega Bubble Machine

    Unique to QTX, this lightweight bubble machine features barrel rolling wands which produces an incredible amount of bubbles. It is

    QTX Haze Fluid Eco 5 Litre

    Non-toxic fluid that produces a light, evenly dispersed mist, ideal for enhancing the effect of light and laser shows. Suitable

    QTX Bubble Box Bubble Machine

    Mains powered, high output bubble machine built into a compact steel housing. Bubbles output is controlled by a choice of

    QTX Bubble Fluid 5 Litre

    A water-based liquid, formulated to produce lighter, longer-lasting bubbles than other standard fluids. Suitable for use with all makes of

    QTX Delta 50 Portable Desktop PA with Bluetooth

    Self-contained PA unit with a compact PP moulded cabinet in a desktop format. Built-in USB/SD/FM player with Bluetooth receiver and

    QTX Derby 9 LED Light Effect

    A classic multi-colour derby effect with multiple beams twisting in formation. Nine different coloured 3 Watt LEDs deliver vivid coloured

    QTX Flare -1000 Vertical LED Fog Machine

    High output fog machine with output from the top of the housing to deliver a vertical column of fog. The

    QTX Heavy Duty Lighting Stand With Winch & T-Bar (180.543)

    HEAVY DUTY LIGHTING STAND WITH WINCH & T-BAR Adjustable heavy duty solid metal lighting stand on a foldable tripod with

    QTX Heavy Duty Speaker Stand Kit with Bag (180.550)

    A pair of robust steel stands with lockable height adjustment. Can support large speakers with 35mm top hats up to

    QTX High Quality Haze Fluid 5 litre

    A high quality, non-toxic fluid that produces a fine mist, ideal for enhancing the effect of light and laser shows.

    QTX Monitor Speaker Stand

    This robust monitor speaker stand is an ideal solution for studio, home or small projects. The stand has a low

    QTX Neckband Mic + Beltpack for QRPA & QXPA 174.1

    Neckband microphone and beltpack transmitter for use with the QR-series portable PA units. . Features VHF models for use with