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    DJ Booth Overhead Kit MKII

    Overhead kit for the Equinox DJ Booth (Order codes: EQLED12P, EQLED12L or EQLED12). Specs Telescopic uprights Heavy duty lighting bar

    Equinox 0.5m Leg Extension for STAN90 (Pair)

    0.5m leg extension, made from quad style trussing, increases the truss system height from 2m to 2.5m (max). Specs All

    Equinox 3 x 2m Truss System (Black)

    This complete 3 x 2m truss system comes in three easy-to-build and transport pieces, made from quad style trussing. The

    Equinox Aluminium Lightweight DJ Booth System MKII

    This ultra lightweight, aluminium Equinox DJ Booth system comes supplied with a metal shelf, carry bag and heavy duty white

    Equinox Axis 50W Gobo Flower

    Powered by a 50W LED the Axis Gobo Flower produces an array of colourful moving gobos that can be projected

    Equinox Batten Floor Standing Bracket

    Universal batten floor standing bracket supplied with M6 hand knob. Specs Dimensions (H x W x D): 65 x 180

    Equinox Carry Bag for Foldable DJ Screen

    Zipped fabric bag with carry strap, designed to hold 1 x Equinox Foldable DJ Screen (EQLED10) Specs Dimensions: 1270 x

    Equinox Crossfire XP

    This room filling effect features 8 gobos that sweep the room whilst changing colour. The unit works well as a

    Equinox DJ Booth Bag MKII

    Padded carry bag designed for use with the Equinox DJ Booth/Truss Booth (Order codes: EQLED12P, EQLED12L, EQLED12 or EQLED150). Specs

    Equinox DJ Booth Laptop Shelf

    Designed for the popular Equinox DJ Booth series, the Aluminium Laptop Shelf provides additional space for laptops, lighting controllers and

    Equinox DJ Booth LED Starcloth

    Upgrade your Equinox DJ Booth with this black starcloth. Additionally you can create a white starcloth effect when combining the

    Equinox DJ Booth Quad LED Starcloth

    Featuring 72 quad-colour 5050 LEDs, this DJ Booth starcloth comes supplied with an advanced DMX controller. The controller features solid